Tool Shop

The Tool Shop is meant to be used by congregations in the EMC as a resource for ideas or to get help with issues a congregation may be having. If you find a resource or idea about which you would like more information, simply contact that congregation directly.

In the Tool Shop highlights, you  can find:

  • General information for each congregation
  • Information about congregations who are looking for help and congregations who have strengths to share
  • A list of ministries each congregation supports
  • Social media/web presence information
  • Special worships service ideas

In the full document, you can find:

  • Congregations that have strengths they are willing to share
  • Other ministries the congregations in the EMC are supporting
  • Special worship service ideas
  • Congregation demographic information
  • VBS information, such as format and collaboration ideas
  • Much more!

You can download the full survey results here.

The EMC Strategy Team hopes that this will be a valuable resource and plans to update it regularly.  If your congregation hasn’t filled out a survey yet, please contact me, and I’ll get one to you and add your information.

Jane Brda

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