EMC  Academy — February 8th, 2020

The EMC Academy is fast approaching! See the details below and register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/emc-academy-tickets-88181014789. There are options to pay online or to pay at the door. (No need to specify which workshop you’ll be attending.) 

Workshop descriptions

Dwelling in the World: Looking for People of Peace in the World (Congregational Vitality Workshop)                        

 In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Notice the people who are placed in your path in daily life.
  • Use a tool for intentionally listening to others.
  • Start a small group for nurturing this practice in your community.

Dwelling in the World is going about our lives as though there is a reason for us to be wherever we are, and as though the people we meet there have something important to share with us. It involves noticing the people around us and offering “peace” to them. Then we observe people’s responses so we can recognize the “people of peace” we meet. When we start recognizing “people of peace,” we find partners in our most important work. (From www.churchinnovations.org) This workshop will be led by Pr. Aimee Appell.

Dismantling Racism: Intro and Examining and Challenging Biases                                              

The elimination of racism requires the creation of an ever-vigilant population – willing to acknowledge that racism exists, aware enough to see how it manifests itself, and committed to battling its fruits and roots. The Academy has developed a curriculum to increase awareness, skills and strategies for addressing and dismantling racism and other forms of oppression. Rooted in hope and committed to action, we invite participants to seek transformative solutions and build a church that is authentically inclusive. This workshop will be led by Terry Freeman.

Boundary Training for Lay Leaders      

How do we define and recognize appropriate and inappropriate relationships within the congregation? Professional church workers receive training in boundaries as part of their education, but lay leaders are sometimes left struggling on their own to learn what is appropriate or not. This workshop offers boundary training for congregational lay leaders, council members, youth and education leaders and includes discussion on procedures, response to encountering clergy/staff inappropriate behavior, how to be proactive about setting boundaries and how boundaries make for a healthy congregation. This workshop will be led by Rev. Dale Kuhn, Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Care and Counseling and Rev. Karen Scherer, Lutheran Pastor and Clinical Social Worker.

Share Shop

This is a chance to bring resources, ideas, and questions to share with a larger group. Do you have a DVD or Bible Study Series you are willing to share with other churches? Bring it! Are you wondering how to start a particular ministry? Bring your questions! Is there something happening in the larger church you would like to discuss? Feel free to ask! Do you have a fabulous ministry idea that you would like to see happen in our area? Share it! The workshop is a time for us to build relationships with each other. This workshop will be led by Pr. Jill Seagle.

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